Water Supply

Providing safe & health water is one of the major function of WASA Multan. Fortunately Multan city is situated at left bank of River Chenab which is adequately recharging aquifers of the city. Two canals one on either side of the city are flowing which also recharge the aquifers. In this way fresh water is available in sub soil strata of this city and people have developed their own resources of water supply mostly electrically operated except for the public water supply system.

Sewerage and Drainage

General topography of this city is flat with a minor slope towards south west. The waste water of the entire city is drained through a net work of lateral, branch and trunk sewers into disposal stations and then pumped out for ultimate disposal into lands for irrigation. The system of the sewers started establishing since 1968 and four phases of the scheme have been constructed and operated since then. Recently phase-5 of this project has been constructed and operated

Existing Sewerage and Drainage Facilities

Originally Multan was served by a system of surface drains and outfall sewers leading to Khuni Burj Disposal Station which was built in 1925. Later on, as the population grew, new areas were served with open surface drains and pumping stations were installed to discharge sewage in open fields. With the rise of population, the area under the disposal fields became populated and as such the serious problems of disposal of sewage was faced by the city population during the end of 1970. The General Advisory Services of public health Engg: Department prepared a Master Plan Report for implementing Comprehensive Sewerage Scheme Multan in the year 1969

Water Suply Map

Sewerage Map

Other Information
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